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Four expressive of Magdeburg, Germany's Tokio Hotel, and take apart your hearts, now with Humanoid and your living room. Forthcoming Live DVD from the tour just finished humanoid has been the official date for the placing on the market. Although not confirmed the first behind the scenes information that perhaps the hyperbole and optimism in the infinite promise of a concert DVD in the European markets before the summer break, we can now write diaries date July 16, 2010. Tokio Hotel returned from Asia, where a number of promotions for their latest feat for him to visit Singapore, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and the island of Taiwan. Among other things, entrusted with the fact that the returns to Asia in July, when the tour Welcome to the City Humanoid head for China.

DVD brings live concert footage from the band Tokio Hotel Mediolanum Arena in Milan, which took place on April 12, 2010. Overall, the band spent nearly the entire three months shuttling around Europe. During these concerts took place thirty-two, stopping in Prague.

Recording of the concert Tokio Hotel Milan shot a total of 15 cameras in HD, so the whole show group here probably stands out perfectly. And that's including a huge stage, which was conceived as a theatrical environment technooptimistická adoration with a large projection screen to the wide panoply of light, and we could not due to a spatial disposition in Prague to see the whole, unfortunately.

Complete Live DVD and CD also contains a number of bonuses. On the accompanying CDs are available as special acoustic version of the song Darkside of the Sun. Then DVD itself contains an extensive photo gallery of backstage concert lines, mainly from London. More backstage footage can be viewed in addition, a special extended episode of Tokio Hotel TV.

Video: here

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